FNF Vs Tails.EXE

Life in the FNF world was more or less calm until another creepypasta character sneaked here. Will you guess who it is going to be this time? It is Tails. If you cannot recollect the character by this name, just remember the series about Sonic the Hedgehog. He used to have a friend – a fox with two tails. Surely, you know this cute hero. But wait! It does not seem to be that friendly fox! What has happened to him now? You will see two black and bloodied holes instead of his eyes. Something terrible is going on! Tails has been transformed into a real monster who is going to attack Boyfriend. It soon turns out, the antagonist has been affected by the same virus as Sonic.exe and transformed into Tails.exe. So you should treat the situation seriously as the opponent is not in his best mood. If you leave Boyfriend alone now, it is obvious he will not see his beloved Girlfriend again. The enemy is not joking and is already waiting for the hero in the dancing arena. There will be four difficult rounds as the mod comes with four new songs. And Boyfriend needs to win them all if wants to save his relationship. You must take on the responsibility for controlling his moves – it is enough to press the arrows on the screen in time to make the hero dance to the rhythm. If you manage to dance without mistakes, your enemy will be helpless and will not cause you any harm. But it will be a real challenge to maintain your progress bar green all the time. Do your best to win!

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