FNF VS Bunzo Bunny Mommy Long Legs

If you love thrilling rhythmical adventures in the FNF world, then you know well that every new mod usually brings new characters who become Boyfriend’s opponent in the dancing arena. This time, Boyfriend and Girlfriend were tempted to visit the famous toy factory and see by themselves whether it is really full of evil monsters. But they very quickly regretted this idea as they met Mommy Long Legs and Bunzo Bunny as soon as they entered the building. The spider immediately lured the girl into her corner, and Boyfriend will need to go through a special trial to release her. Bunzo Bunny invites the hero to demonstrate his musical skills in a funny rhythm battle where the boy will need to press different colors to match the music beats! He cannot lose this confrontation as Mommy Long Legs will quickly deal with his beloved Girlfriend – she already prepared a lot of web! You must help Boyfriend to cope with this trial and win it! He will deal with Bunzo Bunny who can sing and dance quite well. This character is a mascot of the Musical Memory mini-game in Poppy Playtime. So you will need to come to the Boyfriend’s rescue to ensure he will make no mistakes when trying to follow the rhythm. Focus on the music and try not to miss any single note when following a new song! Good luck!

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