Friday Night Funkin Coryxkenshin Mod

What do you know about a phenomenal YouTuber Coryxkenshin? He is a world-know black gamer with a ten-million audience on the famous social network, and now his meme becomes one of the characters in a new FNF mod. It seems this guy knows everything about music and it is just impossible to outperform him. But you never know until you try, right? Do not underestimate your capabilities. You have already helped Boyfriend a dozen times and every time, it worked well. So why to doubt now? Confidently trot with the main hero to a dancing arena and start moving once you hear the first beats of music. You remember the rules, right? The key point is to fully synchronize with the rhythm and press the arrow symbols to match these.

Will you make it right? If you had enough courage to confront terrible monsters in previous mods, now you surely have all chances to be better than even a real star! But if you are worried that you may lose, do not rush to the story mode. Try this add-on in freeplay to train well until you feel strong enough to continue. No matter how talented your opponent may look, your character is deeply in love with Grilfriend. And now this relationship is at stake. But everyone knows very well that love enables people for unbelievable things. So forget about all fears and go straight to the music arena to prove you will not refuse from your beloved Girlfriend. Good luck in this challenge!

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