Friday Night Funkin Vs Bunzo Bunny

A new adventure is waiting for you in the exciting world of Friday Night Funkin. Who will Boyfriend meet this time in a rhythmical battle? It is Bunzo Bunny, a rabbit from Poppy Playtime! The antagonist looks funny enough – a smiling face and cute green overall. But wait, you should remember that all toys from that horror game were possessed by some evil power and transformed into bloodthirsty creatures. So this opponent is also treacherous! Just look what he holds in his hands – cymbals! Once you are not attentive enough – he will approach you and clap your head! So your main task is to get rid of this enemy in the shortest possible time. There is only one solution here – take Bunzo Bunny to a dancing arena and defeat him! But do not forget that he can dance pretty well. This mod has only one soundtrack – Musical Memory. But you will need to be really focused on its rhythm to catch every single beat of it. You know that according to the plot, Boyfriend will lose his Girlfriend once and forever. So do not let down the hero! You will love intense gameplay and the feeling of competition!

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