Friday Night Funkin’ Tricky Phase 4

Despite the fact that Boyfriend tries his best, some opponents seem invulnerable, and often even immortal. Just look at Tricky the Clown. It was defeated not once by the main hero, but the monster keeps jumping out of nowhere at the most inopportune moment. He has only one goal – to get revenge for past failures and finally get rid of Boyfriend forever. Every player knows this clown is really treacherous. In Madness Combat, he was killed several times, and still he managed to revive as a zombie. He will not stop once he made a plan. And this time his main target is Boyfriend! Now, all jokes should be forgotten. The main hero will have to survive through the scariest moments in his life. Without exaggeration, it is one of the hardest mods in the series.

The opponent arrives in a really bad mood. It matches perfectly the song the heroes will dance to – Expurgation. This duel is more than dangerous – the antagonist is burning everything around with his eyes. You need to calm down the main hero and help his successfully go through this trial. No matter how difficult it may seem, there is always a chance to succeed. So make sure you will be Boyfriend’s legs when the guy dances in the music arena. You just need to harmoniously move to the music and press the arrow to match its every note. Do not worry, you can always start the game in freeplay mode where you can train well before switching to a story mode. Do your best to fully immerse into the rhythm and dance like a pro. With this approach, you will beat even the strongest opponent and prove your right to stay with Girlfriend. And even the terrible clown-mutant will be helpless in this situation.

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