Friday Night Funkin Indie Cross

Those who can’t live a day without listening to some cool new songs will definitely be delighted to play this new version of everyone’s favorite music-based arcade! Friday Night Funkin is taking a whole new spin with tracks you haven’t heard before and opponents that are tough to fight against. To win, you have to show an excellent sense of rhythm hitting the keys just in time with the beat. You will see the main character – Boyfriend – standing on the stage, ready to rap with a microphone in his hand. As soon as the music starts playing, he will tune in to the song and you’ll hear him beatbox along!

However, it depends on you whether he will throw a great gig or fail as a performer. There will be arrows pointing in different directions flowing over his head. You have to match the movements of your fingers with what you see on the screen – and hear from your speakers or headphones. Make sure you turn the volume to the maximum if you want to get a full-fledged musical experience and enjoy every note of the melodies the developers have prepared for you! Each battle lasts for three rounds, and your points will be summed up in the end. Try to bring your score as high as possible and get a kick out of the process!

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