FNF vs Impostor Among Us

The vocal battles are becoming more intense every time. Daddy Dearest does not miss a chance to persuade the most treacherous characters to go and confront Boyfriend. And some scoundrels happily rush to the FNF playground with the intention to defeat the main hero. This mod introduces a new antagonist to the musical series, and it is Impostor from Among Us. If you happened to play that game before, you know well how unpredictable its characters are. They perfectly disguise their true intentions, and you can never say how safe you can feel in company of any of them. It is exactly the case this time. Boyfriend does not hesitate that he should not expect anything good from this new acquaintance.

But to protect himself from potential danger, he needs to win a rap battle against Impostor. It is the only way to get rid of this intruder. So help the hero achieve his target without fail. It will need certain efforts. You must attentively move to the rhythm of the music and outperform your opponent. Do not press the arrows randomly, you every click should match the song beats! Are you ready to challenge Impostor in a hard mode? It will be a real struggle to win! So concentrate and start the fight!

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